What Makes a Hair Salon Top Notch?

Salon & Spa

The modern woman is a fearless creature, she handles her career and family with equal tenacity, and with a busy social calendar and a fitness regime to envy, today’s women expects the very best. In order to maintain such a pace, she needs to forge an alliance with a good hair salon, and if you have recently relocated and are on the hunt for a quality hair salon, here are a few things to look for.

  • Busy People – Much like you prefer to eat in busy restaurants, the successful hair salon is buzzing, and with state of the art facilities and skilled stylists, once you have made your online booking, you can be sure of their full attention when your slot comes around. Successful hair salons come in chains, and if you happen to live in Perth, you would find a Subicao hair salon in several central locations. This leading salon takes the hair experience to a new level, and the winning formula is being replicated in other parts of the city, enabling more women to enjoy great ambience and service.
  • Wide Range of Treatments – Permanent hair straightening would likely be a speciality, and aside from the many hair treatments on the menu, you can also enjoy a professional make up service, for those special occasions. Colouring would be another popular treatment, using the very best products, of course, and the range of shades and styles is only limited to one’s imagination. Hair extensions are all the rage, and the best salons would have a resident extension specialist, who can transform you overnight. Short hair is perfect for the boardroom, but it’s nice to have that wild and tousled look that only long hair can give, and hair extensions will stay in place for as long as 3 months.


  • The Ambience – Sight and sound combine to give you a feel of a place, and there would be an energy about a good salon, and with a pleasant décor and quality furnishing, your mood lifts as you walk in. The staff are friendly and relaxed, and let’s face it girls, we don’t want to have to watch our Ps and Qs while having our hair done, and with a relaxation corner and some great Indian tea, you can relax in comfort.


  • Flexibility – It’s every girl’s goal to develop a good working relationship with their hair sylist, who, after all, is very much responsible for her image, and a switched on salon would accommodate their regular clients, and might even have a special home service, for those urgent times. Online booking is a breeze and they would likely squeeze you in at any time, which is a comforting thought. If a salon is truly client focused, you get the feeling you have some serious back up, and when you need some inspiration, your stylist always delivers.

Finding a good hair salon is high on most women’s priority list, and if the establishment ticks all the above boxes, you have found your oasis!