Hair Hacks Every Blonde Should Know

Salon & Spa

We all have to work hard to keep our hair shiny and healthy and our hair colour looking fresh and natural. It is both a commitment of money and time to have Instagram-worthy hair every single day, and it is not always fun. Thankfully, there are some tricks to help make your blonde life a little easier.


Our hair is hit with excessive temperatures many times a day. We begin the day with a hot shower. Hot water and steam swell the cuticle layer of your hair, leading to frizziness, which makes your hair look unruly and dull. We dry our hair at high temperatures, which removes the surface moisture and the moisture in the hair’s internal structure — causing the hair to become brittle and weak.

The solution is rather straightforward: just turn down the heat! It may take time to get used to, but just try and challenge yourself and start a healthy hair care routine. When in the shower use warm water instead of super hot water to wash your hair and make sure that you always finish your shower with a rinse of cool water to help add shine to your hair.


Many of us know all too well that keeping that perfect hair colour tone for several weeks can be a challenge. The good news is that there are products available that can help us keep a brilliant salon blonde by just shampooing our hair.

Hair carries warm undertones, which are orange, gold and yellow. When we lighten our hair, these warm tones become exposed. The proteins that make up our hair strands are yellow, which is why they cannot be removed with just a lightener. If the hair is lightened enough, all of the yellow colour will be removed, breaking down those proteins, causing breakage. So if they cannot be removed, your only option is to neutralise them or tone them away. Your colourist will know exactly what your hair needs and will show you which toning shampoos you should incorporate into your at home hair routine.


If being a blonde bombshell is your thing, there is another way to go. Thankfully, the Shadow Blonde is a trend and is the perfect combination of a shadow base shade available at EH Hair & Extensions where balayage or babylights hair colour melt from the base. This trend lets you have the best of both worlds. You can keep your beautiful and bright blonde colour while allowing the base hair colour shade to mask your new growth and blend them. You will still need to get regular touch ups and toning, but the amount of time between salon visits can go much longer. This trend is budget and time friendly, and also perfect for all ages; the shadow blonde is a great way to wear a modern blonde look.


It doesn’t matter if you style your hair with heating tools on a regular basis, lighten your hair often or if you’re a low maintenance blonde — your hair is constantly craving moisture regardless of what you do!

If your colourist applies a toner or colour to your hair, and it is absorbent, there isn’t an even canvas for the colour. Your colour result may be splotchy, uneven or even wash straight out of your hair!

Maintaining moisture balance is crucial for blondes. Many products can help your hair stay hydrated in between visits to the salon. Start with a shampoo and conditioner that you can use along with your toning shampoo. Your hairstylist can help point you in the right direction and help you choose which is best for you.