Achieving Excellence – In Salon Health spa Customer Support

Salon & Spa

To help keep in front of the game requires being constantly looking for innovative and new treatments techniques treatment room set-ups products product presentation displays etc. Actually something that keeps the company filled with existence and vitality. This belongs to your on-going, ongoing research into and growing the company. But to become a real front runner these days Beauty Business a highly effective Customer Support Policy is important. It will likely be the blueprint for the way you would like your customers treated through the entire team.

Today’s aware salon or health spa client expects “5 Star Service” every time they visit. They need an amount of care only deliverable by highly professional therapists and aestheticians. Which are only able to be guaranteed if systems and policies have established yourself. In working on your salon / spas Customer Support Policy document you need to be aware what degree of service your customers receive at the moment. Could it be?

The expected

Above expectations or perhaps is it

Out-standing, the kind of service which makes them walking advertisements for the salon / health spa.

If you want the thought of free word-of-mouth advertising then targeting and looking after the “C” type service requires effort and organization. After this you have to think about do all clients entering my facility receive.

A hot welcome – they’re you guest

Detailed treatment menu information – aware of all of the salon / health spa offers

Great ‘first impression’ – superbly maintained premises

Guaranteed hygiene – premises, equipment, staff

Full consultation / analysis before service – pre-sells the treatments available

Professional highly trained therapists – educated on all treatments & products

Treatment / treatment plan recommendation Body treatment gives great results a course gives lasting results

Magic Moments – all of the small things that delights the customer and sets your salon or health spa apart and over the competition

Education – an educated client is really a having faith in loyal client

Home skincare prescription – endorsement and proper retail product usage advice

Client focused Retailing – 24/7 only delivers and maintains on-going results

Detailed client record files – understanding is really a effective tool for that counselor

Re-booking – required for the clients lengthy-term results – salon health spa profitability and staff retention

Appointment reminders – confirming belongs to the service

Follow-up care – lets the customer know you care

Client retention / retrieval – if there’s a complaint repair it

Regular contact – telephone, e-newsletter, email, Birthday and xmas card

Loyalty Program – give them a break to be consistent and dependable clients